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Project Description
Sort of an alpha Play with C# to make a treeView Windows explorer. Currently multi-threaded dbl click to explore, r-click to preview some text files.

This is a sort of concept C# File explorer. It takes some inspiration from applications like Total Commander.

Currently, it is very alpha and certainly not feature complete.

Can now add another computer as a node. Not fully functional
  • UNC paths must be entered as such \\ComputerName\Share
    • Share Name must be used No Root computers!
    • Exceptions seem flaky

To Use:
  1. Select a drive to explore from the drop box
  2. Click Add Drive to add to the TreeView <-- Not actually useful in current build
  3. Add menu and then computer to add a UNC path for exploration. \\ServerName\ShareName * Root of server does not work yet
  4. Double click a folder to browse that folder
  5. Right click certain file types to preview the contents. Current works on :
  • ".bat"
  • ".cmd"
  • ".csv"
  • ".html"
  • ".htm"
  • ".ini"
  • ".txt"
  • ".vbs"
  • ".ps1"
  • ".rtf"
  • ".xml"


Or, view images with a double click of a .jpg (More will be added) or right click and then preview.

The image viewer is frameless and borderless when opened:


And you can drag the window by clicking anywhere.

To close the window, either double click (anywhere) or go to the top of the frame to expose the floating title bar.


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